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Signed M Jewels, undated.

Oil on board. 




Michael Crawley Antiques & Fine Art, Blandford, Dorset

Lawrence Auctioneers (early 1990s)

Frame purchased from James Hockey’s studio sale


56.5cm x 46.5cm

Framed: 74cm x 64cm


The work of Newlyn painter Mary Jewels was much admired by Augustus John, Cedric Morris and inspired Christopher Wood, as well as Sven Berlin. She painted very few works (it has been suggested there were only forty paintings in all)

and this is a rare still life. 


Mary told Sven Berlin that she preferred to be known as a ‘natural’ rather than a primitive or naive artist as she said it made her sound like a savage! Berlin wrote of ‘"the rough, unadorned quality which makes her paintings so rich and naive” and Augustus John described her work as having an ‘earth feeling’.


John Wells, who thought of her as an English Van Gogh, took Berlin, who was writing his book on the naive painter Alfred Wallis,

to meet Mary after he returned to St. Ives in 1945.

Mary Jewels | Flowers in Earthenware Bowl

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