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12½ ins x 7½ ins  

31.75 cms x 19.05  cms


Pen and ink.

Signed and dated Sven 83. Framed.


Tiger is one of a series of Sven's delightful animal drawings,  often inspired by his childhood experiences.

"...I went to the park as a boy, called Wells Park, where the wells were, and saw the leviathan in the little pond under the willows and the tiger came out of the laurel bushes in the rain..." from the manuscript Flight of the Dragonfly, a collection of short stories.


This stunning pen and ink drawing, created by artist Sven Berlin in 1983, captures the fierce and majestic expression of a tiger's head  while maintaining a sense of humour as he springs out rather wickedly from the laurels. The intricate detailing and the use of bold black ink creates a striking and realistic representation, while the tiger's symbolic presence was often referred to by Berlin as a driving force.

Tiger pen and ink 1983

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