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For the love of horses

Sven Berlin's pencil drawing Horse & Rider of his wife Juanita on one of their horses, sent us looking through our photographic archives.

Juanita's love of horses was legendary and from an early age her adventurous uncle made her aware of the most spirited, fiery breeds - such as the Akhal-Teke of Turkmenistan.

Later, Juanita and Sven moved to Home Farm in Emery Down, New Forest where she set up a stud farm. As well as a well-respected breeder of her beloved Appaloosas, she was sent the Queen's horse, the Karabakh, Zaman.

The drawing Horse & Rider is Juanita on her Gypsy vanner, India (aka Asia because of his markings), one of the horses which brought them from St. Ives in Cornwall to the New Forest.

Juanita Berlin, an accomplished horsewoman and wife of Sven Berlin, with her Gypsy vanner, India.
Juanita with India (or Asia) - so named after the 'map' on her side!


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