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Autumn Magic

How wonderful to see the colours of late summer/early autumn at the Chelsea Flower Show. Sometimes serendipity makes us look at a regular occurrence in an entirely different way. The mottled leaves as they turn, the yellowing of petals, the reddening of stems, all lead us on through October.

Just as Sven Berlin’s wonderful Summer Flowers (above) explores the flamboyance of the last of the summer blooms in orange, yellow and pink-mauve dahlias and zinnias against that warm brown earthiness of the background. The decorated jug is so contemporary with the date of this painting - 1954 - its ribbed sides continuing the linear theme of the flowers.

Sven Berlin painting in field at Brickiln, New Forest with Gypsy wagon, Juanita and Jasper
In 1954, Sven Berlin, his wife Juanita and their son Jasper in the field at Brickiln, New Forest (Photo: Associated Newspapers Ltd)

And it was exhibited at the famous Bladon Gallery exhibition in 1956, the first show after Sven and Juanita arrived in the New Forest.

Hard to believe such wonderfully vibrant work was produced while Sven was living in this field!


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